Converting flash to html5 javascript app. #1 INTRO

A lot of web applications were done with flash (action script) technology. Nowadays flash is an out of date technology, most of web browsers are blocking it, so webmasters must think about converting their apps to modern formats.

There are several ways to do this. In this topic I’ll tell you the first way – to convert project via Adobe Animate

First of all you need to open your old flash source file (.fla) in Adobe Animate. Open “Commands” menu and click “Convert to other document formats”

Then you need to choose format what you want as a result and path where your new file will be saved

After that new file will be opened in new window of Adobe Animate. It would be completely the same except two things.

  1. Your old AS code will be commented
  2. And you will be exporting html5 application

Then you can work with this app like with your old flash project, but remember that now you are writing scripts on java script not action script. So you don’t have now startDrag, onEnterFrame, hitTest and other function.

But you still have play, gotoAndStop, gotoAndPlay, stop and other functions.

In the next posts I’ll show you how to replace some action script functions by the java script function.